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Last Update:

5/19/2016 - Under the hood improvements and bug fixes


Processor Families: Xeon Celeron D Celeron M Celeron Celeron Mobile Core Duo Core Solo Core 2 Duo Pentium 4-M Pentium 4 Pentium III Pentium III Xeon Pentium M Pentium Itanium 2 Core 2 Extreme Core 2 Solo Atom Core 2 Quad Core i7 Itanium Core i5 Core i7 Extreme Core i3 Pentium II Mobile 4004 8008 8080 8086 8088 80286 80386 DX 80486 DX 80486 DX2 80486 DX4 Core 2 Quad Extreme Pentium 4 EE Pentium D Pentium EE Pentium II Pentium MMX Pentium Pro 80186 iAPX432 i860 i960 Core Core2 Pentium III Mobile Xeon Phi Coprocessors /manufacturers/9/processor_families/190 Core M Communications Infrastructure

Microarchitectures: Core:Merom Core:Conroe Core:Kentsfield Core:Penryn Core:Yorkfield Core:Wolfdale Madison Mckinley Merced Montecito Montvale Nehalem NetBurst:Willamette NetBurst:Northwood NetBurst:Prescott NetBurst:Cedar Mill NetBurst:Smithfield NetBurst:Presler P5 P6:Pentium II P6:Pentium III P6:Banias P6:Yonah Sandy Bridge 80386 DX 80486 DX Bonnel

Code Names: Irwindale Cranford Prescott Cedar Mill Banias Dothan Yonah Coppermine T Tualatin Northwood Mendocino Dempsey Paxville Merom Foster Tulsa Gallatin Coppermine Willamette Prescott-2M Katmai Tanner Cascades Smithfield Presler Madison Montecito Kentsfield Conroe Sossaman Clovertown Woodcrest Tigerton Montvale Harpertown Penryn Yorkfield Wolfdale Silverthorne Dunnington Bloomfield Nehalem EP Lynnfield Tukwila Clarksfield Arrandale Clarkdale Pineview Nehalem EX Gulftown Lincroft Dixon N/A Sandy Bridge Westmere EP Westmere EX Cedarview Sandy Bridge-E Sandy Bridge E Sandy Bridge EP Sandy Bridge-EP Sandy Bridge EN Sandy Bridge-EN Ivy Bridge Diamondville Tunnel Creek Stellarton Conroe-L Covington Allendale Wolfdale-3M Penryn-3M Merced Mckinley P5 Prescott 2M P55C Nehalem-EP Westmere-EP Jasper Forest Haswell Nocona Potomac Prestonia Cedarmill Cloverview Briarwood Poulson Knights Corner Crystal Well Bay Trail Avoton Gladden Penwell Merrifield Centerton Ivy Bridge EN Ivy Bridge EP Ivy Bridge E Devil's Canyon Moorefield Haswell E Broadwell Pine Cove


Processor Families: Broadcom

Code Names: Zephyr


Processor Families: WinChip

Microarchitectures: WinChip


Processor Families: Cypress

Microarchitectures: SPARC


Processor Families: 486DX 486SLC 5x86 6x86 Cyrix III

Code Names: M1 M2 Joshua


Processor Families: SPARC64 SPARC64 II


Processor Families: harp-1


Processor Families: R10000 R2000 R3000 R4000 R4400 R4600 R5000 R8000 74K 7000 R4300 3520 5900

Microarchitectures: R10000 R2000 R3000 R4000 R4600 R5000 R8000

Code Names: T5 Orion


Processor Families: 6502 6510

Microarchitectures: 6502 6510


Processor Families: 6800 68000 68010 68020 68030 68040 68060 PowerPC 88000

Microarchitectures: 68000 68010 68020 68030 68040 68060

Code Names: Max Apollo 6


Processor Families: Nx586


Processor Families: hyperSPARC

Code Names: Colorado 2 Colorado 3 Colorado 1


Processor Families: R12000 R12000A R14000 R14000A

Microarchitectures: R12000


Processor Families: WDC 65C02 WDC 65816

Microarchitectures: 65C02 65816


Processor Families: Z80 Z8000 Z80000