For years Stanford University's VLSI Research Group collected and maintained a unique spreadsheet of commercial microprocessor characteristics. Over the years these data points were useful in a variety of research talks and publications. Unfortunately, the lack of a central repository for this database made it difficult to both share the data with everyone, and enhance it with outside contributions... until now. Welcome to CPUDB.

What's the big deal?

There are certainly a number of existing useful online resources for microprocessor information. To name a few, CPUDB seeks to unify all of this information in a research-friendly, community-reviewed database. Additionally, it contains process technology information for each microprocessor, allowing for technology normalization across designs.


As with any large set of data, there are a number of holes (and possibly a few erroneous entries). We encourage anyone to contribute modifications to the database, or even to suggest new data fields they would find useful.

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